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as a Service


– Benefit from the Global Pool of IT Talents

– Scale with Qualified Remote Individuals

– Manage All as One Productive Virtual Team

Virtual Teams

We help companies to leverage the best of virtual teams,

whether the members being in home office or at remote locations (offshore/nearshore)

Team Collaboration

What we do

– Management of highly productive and performing teams, build by remote team members
– Set up of respective teams, comprising of employees, consultants, service provider staff etc., according needs
– Support of a global coverage, any location the customer wants to be supported
– Definition of best practice processes, tools etc. as needed per customer scenario
– Support in identification and contracting of IT experts, worldwide

Why we do it

– Shortage of IT skills, especially in DevOps, this need will further increase
Trend to remote teams increasing, additional momentum by the pandemic
– Getting the best competence for the job or retaining talent may require to be flexible on workers location

Our Tool Set


How we do it

By combining own expertise in set-up and management of remote teams with best practices, plus use of established tools for requirements management, collaboration etc. and new services to manage payroll, tax etc. of remote individuals

Virtual-T: Offering

Efficient Management of Productivity in Delivery of Multiple Remote IT Individuals as Service


– Can build teams by handpicking every expert themself, no limits to providers, regions etc.
– Can use their existing teams, extend them or build up new ones from scratch with us
– May start small and scale up the team any time
– Can rely on us to manage all operational challenges of the remote team, seamlessly integrated with legal, payroll etc.
– Benefit from our help working towards a social fit of each team member, building one truly aligned team
– Have full transparency on their teams, on all aspects


– Manages the remote team concerning collaboration and team delivery
– Ensures performance and high productivity
– Deploys own experts as needed, avoiding any overhead, being fully transparent
– Implements best practice processes and tools, according customers status
– Will ensure a cultural fit of team members and work towards teambuilding

expert teams

Global Team of Individual Experts

– Includes customers employees, consultants, employees of Virtual-T or other teams
– Works according best practice processes and tools (by customer and Virtual-T)
– Is not limited by Virtual-T or any other service provider

Typical Customer Phases

and Respective Virtual-T Services

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